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Younique Abilities believe's that anyone with a “disability” has a unique ability and can do many great things with a unique ability like get a two year or four year degree, get your PhD, you can get a job and have a career, start your own business. Moreover, if you feel you are an individual with a "disability" you can do anything with that unique ability you just have to put your mind to it and just believe in yourself. Younique Abilities is a Small Business selling awareness merchandise a lot of which are handmade by individuals with unique abilities. You may purchase Younique Abilities awareness merchandise through our online Shopping store We donate part of our sales at the end of the year to a local deserving Non-Profit organization.

"Why should we think of ourselves as disabled because in reality we have been able to accomplish so much? Maybe none of us are really “disabled,” maybe we are all just different people with unique abilities. The world needs to understand that all of us are alike.

Younique Abilities sells awareness merchandise and donate part of our sales at the end of the year back to a local deserving non-profit organization. For more information, please  visit our about us page or contact us   today. 

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if you or your business would like to purchase wholesale from us please contact us or visit our Shop Now page. you may also call or e-mail 346-666-4949 or ability@youniqueabilities.com

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